Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Boy could I give you quite the anthology of wild and crazy things my kiddos have said this past week! It never ceases to amaze me the things they say. And it truly blows my mind when I consider the things that run through their minds that they never verbally express! One of my most favorite things about raising my children is that my husband and I get to rediscover the world with them. So many times we take for granted how things appear or work, but listening to the observations of children seem to put it in a new perspective.

Take today for instance. Wes and I had to go in to see our allergist. Because of a very eventful night (that included very little sleep for our entire household), I let Jilly skip school--no need to terrorize her fellow preschoolers (or teachers for that matter) with any fatigue-induced fits! So she was able to tag along on our doctor visit. If you recall
this visit to the allergist, you can only imagine what conversations could have possibly been had today! After exams and discussion with the doctor, a head x-ray was ordered for Wes to check for a possible sinus infection. Upon entering the dark x-ray room, the following was heard:

Technician: "Okay Wes, I'm going to sit you in this chair and put this cool apron on you. Then I'm going to use this machine to take a picture of your head."

Wes: (eyes as wide as saucers at the sight of all the equipment) "Are you gonna suck out all my memories?!"

Where does he come up with that stuff?

And then back in the examination room, Jilly was trying to make sense of what had just happened to her brother.

Jilly: "Did you see that cross (referring to the cross-shaped shadow from the x-ray machine) on the back of brother's head? That is the cross Jesus died on. But he didn't know why he was dying on brother's head. It was just the bad men who put him there."

Oh my! I guess we really need to clarify some things about the Easter story with our three-year-old!

And since I promised you here that I had a laundry related Jilly-ism to share, I'm certainly not about to go back on my word!

Last Thursday, Jilly decided that she needed a mommy-daughter day (translated: HOOKY). When I told her that girls too sick to go to preschool had to go home and rest and not play, she asked me if I would rest with her. When I responded, "No sugar, I have to do laundry." She exclaimed, "Ohhhh, LAUNDRY!! I loooove laundry! If I help you with laundry Mommy, I'll feel so better!"

Let's see if you hold to that opinion when you're ten!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Since I haven't participated in "Not me!" in quite a while, you might be thinking I've got quite the laundry list to share. NOT ME! While the list certainly is NOT long, I WON'T spare you the details by hitting the high points.

I MOST DEFINITELY HAVE NOT been using the claim of having a ton of laundry to catch up on as an excuse to sit and catch up on seasons worth of television shows! My family always has plenty of clean underwear and clothes and WOULD NEVER have to remind me of their lack thereof by leaving empty dresser drawers open as a hint!

As long as we're on the subject of laundry, you'd NEVER catch me having to sit on my hands in order to keep from refolding the clothes that my sweet Jilly folded.

And NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS would I secretly hide my joy at the fact that said sweet daughter seems to absolutely love helping fold the mountains of laundry that seem to plague our home. I TRULY WOULD NEVER save such proclamations of undying love for all things fabric-softened for a future "Wordy Wednesday" post!

We had our first MOPS meeting at our new church this month. What an awesome group of ladies! It was such a blessing to be paired up with some wonderful, beautiful, fun, and intelligent moms that the name "Looney Ladies" would NEVER pop in my head every time I recall the actual name of our table, "Lunar Ladies." Who knows, with all the giggling that was going on at our table, everyone else might have thought we were a little looney!

Being the totally on-top-of-things mom that I am, NEVER would I discover my daughter at the table feeding herself lunch because her mommy and brother were too busy deciding on whether to keep or purge one of the fifty million Lightning McQueen cars in his collection. Furthermore, I CERTAINLY WOULDN'T take pictures of her eating her self-made lunch of Honey Nut Cheerios instead of making her a different lunch!

When my precious Wes brought home his first-ever homework pages to complete, I WAS NOT panic-stricken at 8:30 Sunday night upon discovering said homework. Wild pandemonium to complete the assignments amidst typical bedtime routines DID NOT ensue. NEITHER did tears of realization that my boy will be five in a month. NOPE, NOT from this tough momma.

Don't let me have all the fun by myself! Why don't you breathe a sigh of relief from the freedom of airing your "dirty laundry?!" As for me, I MOST ASSUREDLY AM NOT off to fold more laundry!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday is my meager attempt at a blog carnival showcasing the various things that can be heard around our house. If your household is anything like mine, there is always a lively discussion about something! From the differences between green or yellow faces on school progress reports to whether or not Luke Skywalker has Jesus in his heart, you can sure bet there are many deep--not to mention silly, sad, and sometimes even gross--conversations to be had.

Here are a few things that could be overheard in our home this past week:

Jilly, while helping me change the sheets on my bed: "Okay Mommy, now it's time for the comfortable."

Wesley has been pondering the afterlife lately. Well, actually, he's been downright obsessed with it! And not just death, but the ideas of Heaven and Hell, as well as salvation through Jesus Christ. I have to admit, he really has been keeping me on my toes. Despite the fact that I grew up in church and have a personal knowledge of the love and grace offered to us through the atoning sacrifice of Christ, I am struggling with just how much to explain to Wes. He is very inquisitive and really comes up with some mind-blowing observations for a 4-year-old. Consider this scenario which took place over lunch:

Wes: "Mommy, I want to go to Heaven now, when I'm a kid."

Me: "Oh, Wesley, I would be so sad if you left me. Of course I would be happy that you were in Heaven, but Mommy and Daddy would miss you so much. We would be very sad."

Wes: "Don't be sad Mommy. You'll be with me again one day."

What about you? If walls could talk (oh and how I'm so very thankful they don't!), what would they recount? Post a comment telling us what crazy/goofy/thoughtful/etc. things have been said in your house recently. Who knows, maybe we're not the only house that has discussions regarding where Han Solo will spend eternity!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Some of my fellow bloggers participate in what is called Wordless Wednesday where all that they post is a priceless picture, usually of adorable children. The photos usually are the kind that speak volumes without the need of a written word. From tickles to tears, I love those photos!

Being the rebel that I am--those who have known me for quite some time now are probably snorting at my obvious misrepresentation of myself--I am choosing to do a Wordy Wednesday. I promise not to crank out a novel (in addition to my totally unrebellious nature, I was also once known for being rather verbose), but rather turn this post over to the hilarious, insane, but often insightful ramblings of my two precious preschoolers.

Are you ready for this?!

A few days ago, my Transformers-addicted son was wondering why one of the animated characters was so rude. I explained to him that the character was arrogant and then proceeded to explain to him what that meant. He went on watching his cartoon, seemingly happy with my explanation. Days later, we were reading the awesome children's book The Rough-Faced Girl. Looking at one of the illustrations, Wesley exclaimed, "Mommy, those sisters are asparagant!" Well, he does love his veggies...

While watching Annie (and no, we don't spend the majority of our time in front of the TV!), Jilly was concerned about the girls not having mommies and daddies. However, she did not understand why the orphans were so sad. In my attempt to teach her empathy, I asked, "Jilly, if Mommy died, wouldn't you be so sad?" Her response: "Yes Mommy, but I just go get a new Mommy at Office Depot."

Gee thanks Jill! Maybe I should go buy a few extras next time they're on sale.

I've got some wordy kids huh?! How about some more!

This next Jilly transaction took place between Jilly and her Mema while they were in the backyard. Mema was blowing bubbles for Jilly to pop, but popping was not on Jillian's agenda. As the bubbles floated by, Jilly watched them dance in the breeze and sighed, "There goes my dreams!" Can anyone say, "Drama Queen?!"

My favorite wordy moment occurred while we were watching (again with the television!) Grandpa & Mema's wedding video, which featured a very young Mommy and Aunt Minda. Somewhere during the ceremony, Jillian queries, "Mema, are you and Grandpa married?" Mema answers, "Yes, we are." The follow-up ensues: "Are you husband and wife?" Again, Mema answers, "Yes Jilly." Very nonchalantly, Wes chimes in, "You get what you get."

Yes, Wesley, indeed you do!